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Hat RecorderFree

Cyclone FingersFree
Training game for Japanese flick input
iOS Android Amazon
Tax SimulatorFree
Easy calculate tax
iOS Android Amazon
Compound Simulator
Compound interest calculator
Simulate loan repayment
iOS Android Amazon
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Mac Apps

Compound Simulator
Simulate compound interest for all investments
Tax Simulator
The calculator for tax changes.
Game Font Maker
Create font image easily for making game
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Windows Softwares

Game Font Maker
Create font image easily for making game

Palhsp (Progressive and Advanced Library for HSP)
Advanced DLL Library for Hot Soup Processor

The Hand of a Tornado
Typing Game Similar Than Beatmania

Empty Sky
Unlimited & Infinite shooting game

Banner Converter
Convert any image to banner

Excel to CSV
Batch conversion between excel and csv

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Press Release
Distributed music in Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google Play
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Realestate Calculator appeared in HOT PEPPER Beauty April, 2017.

Realestate Calculator appeared in Appliv.
Realestate Calculator in Appliv Appliv : Appliv


[2018/02/05] 8 songs added in Free Background Music
[2017/12/01] 13 songs added in Free Background Music
[2017/11/23] 16 songs added in Free Background Music
[2017/10/31] 10 songs added in Free Music Material
[2017/10/04] 29 songs added in Free Music Material
[2017/10/03] Renewed Free Music Material page.
[2017/10/02] "Discography" updated
[2017/09/27] English Support
[2017/09/27] Mac App "Compound Simulator" was released
[2017/09/16] Mac App "iFXLosscutRate" was released


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